Beginning Adventure Hooks

Rules Answers: July 2016

These are beginning adventure hooks that if you desire, you can select which hook may be interesting to you.  I ask that you send me your top three choices, as if someone picks one before you, that hook will be taken.  All you have to send is the title of the hook in bold and tell me whether you want to keep it a secret.


Best Served Cold: 

  • Find and defeat an enemy

Dangerous Information:

  • Thwart a pending raid

Dangerous Secret:

  • Infiltrate at secret group

Dark Omens: 

  • Thwart pending disaster

Defeat the Skyriders: 

  • Find and defeat raiders

Feathergale Rebel: 

  • Find and retrieve and important noble

The Fugitive:

  • Track down a fugitive (alleged murderer)

Hired Hand:

  • Hired to help homesteaders with dangers.

Madman at Haunted Keep:

  • Sneak into a clear a castle.

!!! TAKEN  !!!!   The Mud Sorcerer:  Seek revenge against a genasi. !!! TAKEN !!!

Ominous Dream:

  • Dangerous villian must be stopped.

Recover Your Sword

  • Find thieves and recover the sword.

Rescue Your People:

  • Find and recover prisoners

Seeking Revenge:

  • Sworn to avenge a terrible wrong

Settle a Score: 

  • Track down marauders and settle the score

Shatterkeel's Trail:

  • Revenge for death of fellow sailors

Standing Offer: 

  • Infiltrate a group and discover intentions

!!! TAKEN !!!! Strange Map: Explore ancient map and it's location !!! TAKEN !!!

Suspicious Fellow: 

  • Investigation of suspicious person.


  • Break up a piracy ring

Walked Away:

  • After brief recruitment from faction, now time to stop the faction.

Beginning Adventure Hooks

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