Character Creation Rules

Prestige Classes and Rune Magic


Ability Score Assignment

  • We are going to be using the point buy system shown in the Player's Handbook.
  • 27 Max Points
  • Every ability must be between 8 and 15 prior to racial bonuses.
  • Ability Score Cost

Ability Scores

Ability Score Cost of Score                                           

Ability Score

Cost of Score
8 0   12 4
9 1   13 5
10 2   14 7
11 3                                               15




  • All Player's Handbook Races are available
  • All Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide Races are available
  • All Elemental Evil Players Guide Races are available except for Aarokocra
  • Bonuses are as written in the books listed above.
  • We are not using Volo's Guide to Races.



  • We are starting at level 3.
  • All Player's Handbook Classes are available
  • All Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide Classes are available
  • All Elemental Evil Players Guide Classes are available except for Aarokocra
  • All variant classes are available for use, however, I reserve the right for us to tweak these class abilities, etc if they become broken towards the campaign.
  • Link to Unearthed Arcana pdf's
  • Multiclassing is allowed and will follow rules as written in the Player's Handbook
  • Hit points can be taken as standard points, or if rolled, we will have them rolled on the first session of your characters gaming session.



  • Feats can be used from the Player's Handbook, Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide, and Elemental Evil Player's Guide.


Character Description and Alignment

  •   If you want me to incorporate your background into the story, please send it to me either in obisidianportal mail or through my email ( 
  •  No evil alignments please, it just leads to issues with the group.


Character Additional Background

  • I highly recommend that you choose a faction from the faction list that you would like to join.  There are hooks and storylines depending on factions chosen, it's not essential, but I think you'll enjoy the interactions if you like the roleplaying aspects.  Please send me a message to let me if and what faction you'd like to have already joined (Harpers, Lords Alliance, Order of Gauntlet, Emerald Enclave, Zhentarim, or no affiliation)
  • I also recommend picking which type of adventuring hook you would like to take for the beginning of the campaign, this again, will help with roleplaying for your character.  Please send me a message to let me know if and what hook you'd like me to incorporate for your character.


Starting Equipment

  • You will have your starting kits & background items as described in the Player's Handbook. 
  • You have an additional 100 gp for spending on anything in the player's handbook, this money was collected from your travels and adventures.  If you want a mount, you will need to use this money for that purchase.
  •  You will not start with any magical items, unless you purchase potions of healing.


Variant Rules

  • Inspiration points will be given by the party to one character at the beginning of the session.  Starting the campaign, everyone will start with inspiration.  You cannot have more than one point of inspiration.  You can pass inspiration between characters.
  • Creatures may have varying hit points and armor class depending on situations within the game.  You may find that these change between encounters, so do no rely on the same AC or HP between encounters for the same creature.  Some creatures are tougher or weaker than others in their genus.
  • Flanking will be used and will give +2.  Flanking is considered when a line passes through the enemy and it passes through opposite sides or opposite corners of the enemy.
  • Diagonal Movement will count only as 5 feet per move, I know that this is not 'realistic', but it is easier to count independently.
  • Level advancement will be using the milestone method (progression of the story will dictate your advancement of levels).  I may decide that you need to have some downtime for obtaining your new found skills/spells/etc.  I haven't decided yet, but may had to some interesting downtime play for people that want to role-play.  We'll discuss it as time goes by.
  • Critical Hit and Fumble table will be used, it's the same table as the previous campaign.
  • Missing player characters will need to be played by someone that is present, unless we are less than 50% of players present.  If we ended in town, you can have the character stay in town and progress without the player, but this may be an issue if the player returns the next week and the characters do not return to the town.
  • Additional rules may be added or removed in the future, depending on what we encounter as the campaign progresses.



(can be sent via obsidian portal or

  1. If you want me to incorporate your background, send me your background
  2. If you want to join a faction prior to starting campaign, send me the faction type and I will send you additional information about your mission(s) and other pertinent information about the faction via obsidian portal.
  3. If you want one of the adventure hooks, send me a message about which one you are interested in and I will send you additional information about your hook via obsidian portal.
  4. Any additional ideas/thoughts.

Character Creation Rules

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